Customer Support Questions

Below you’ll find answers to our most frequently asked questions specific to customer support.

For definitions to common terms mentioned, please review our frequently asked questions glossary.

Clients can contact CDWA to ask about available IPs. Clients can also use Carina to look for IPs.

In a consumer directed program, the Client, as the managing employer, is responsible to maintain a caregiver backup plan when a substitute IP is needed. CDWA will work with both Clients and IPs to access Carina, the caregiver job board, and to support Clients looking for additional caregivers. Clients may also use a home care agency to find temporary caregiving services.

CDWA understands that not all people are comfortable with and/or have access to technology. We will offer ways to submit time or get help that do not require a computer, Internet, or smart phone. IPs who cannot access the EVV application and/or the DirectMyCare web portal will receive training on how to submit hours and tasks by telephone using interactive voice response (IVR). Clients can use the Customer Service Center instead of using the DirectMyCare web portal.

CDWA will employ bilingual or multilingual Service Coordinators to support IPs. CDWA will work to employ Service Coordinators who speak English, Khmer, Korean, Lao, Mandarin, Russian, Somali, Spanish, and Vietnamese. CDWA will use an external interpreter vendor in the event we do not have staff support for a specific language.

Please visit our website to determine the phase in which you will transition based on your Client’s county of residence. If you do not hear from CDWA during the first ten days of your phase, please contact us directly. Our customer service e-mail and phone number will be available on our website in August

Additionally, please ensure your contact and demographic information is up to date with DSHS/IPOne before your transition phase. We will use this information to contact you.

Starting August 2, 2021, a Customer Service telephone number and email address will be live to take questions. After August 2, you can call us at 866-214-9899, or email us at Please do not contact us until your phase begins. You can determine which phase you transition in by looking at the Pilot and Hiring Phases Map located on our website.