Submitting Time and Mileage

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to our most frequently asked questions about submitting time and mileage.

For definitions to common terms, please review our terms and definitions page.

CDWA offers several time submission options. This allows you to find a way that works best for your situation. Review the Submitting Time and Mileage guide or watch this short video for an overview of the various time submission methods.

Live-in Providers are exempt from Electronic Visit Verification  (EVV) requirements. They enter total hours for the day instead of clocking in and out for each shift.

Non Live-in Providers must clock in and out of their shift daily using an EVV approved time submission method. You must register to use the EVV Landline IVR option or fob option. Download these forms to sign electronically.

Individual Providers (IPs) must stay within their Work Week Limit (WWL) and the Client’s authorization when submitting time. Please see the Work Week Limit and Client Authorization FAQ page for more information.

Non Live-in Providers must clock in and out daily. Live-in Providers must submit hours worked every Monday by 5pm.

Time corrections must be submitted no later than every other Monday by 5pm, as shown on the CDWA Payroll Calendar. Time submitted late or with mistakes may delay pay.

For more information, see the CDWA Payroll Calendar on the Payroll Materials page. Scroll down to page two of the calendar for more details.

See the Work Week and Payday Schedule guide for additional information.

There may be several reasons why you cannot submit time. If the Client’s name is missing, they may not have a current authorization. CDWA needs to have an authorization on file for you to submit time.

Follow these steps to see if there is an authorization in place.

Step 1: Sign in to your DirectMyCare web portal account.

Step 2: Click on the Authorization button.

Authorization toolbar

Step 3: Scroll to the week you are trying to submit time for.

Weekly Allocation

Step 4: If you see ‘no records available’ there may not be an authorization in place. You can contact CDWA to confirm, if needed. Your Client may need to work with their Case Manager to get this resolved.

On the DirectMyCare portal, a day has diagonal lines blocking out the time entry box. This means the time you are attempting to enter is older than 90 days. You will need to contact CDWA.

Blocked time

Other reasons may include:

  • Your background check is expired.
  • You did not complete Basic Training or we have not received the results yet.
  • Your HCA credential has expired.
  • You have been placed on an administrative hold due to corrective action or investigation outcomes.

See the Training, Continuing Education, and Qualifications section on where to go to check if your training or qualification has expired.

Please contact CDWA if you have additional questions.

IPs can make corrections themselves if:

  • You use the CareAttend app but haven’t submitted the time yet. Follow these Adjusting a Shift instructions.
  • You submitted from CareAttend, but it’s been less than 24 hours. You have 24 hours to make corrections on the DirectMyCare web portal. Log in and make the necessary corrections.
  • The time entry is saved on the DirectMyCare web portal. Make the necessary corrections then submit it.
  • Your time entry is showing as Ready to Be Paid (green thumbs up icon) on the DirectMyCare web portal. Follow the Shift Correction guide or watch this short video for instructions.

You will need to contact your CDWA Service Coordinator if the time you need to correct has already been paid.

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) is an electronic method for submitting time worked. It is a federal requirement included in the 21st Century Cures Act. CDWA uses CareAttend for our EVV system. Click here for more information on EVV from DSHS.

Live-in Providers do not have to use EVV to clock in and out. Live-in Providers are required to submit hours and tasks at least once a week. They report a summary of weekly hours by day.

CareAttend is a mobile application and is CDWA’s EVV system for time entry. Non Live-in IPs use the app to clock in and out of their shifts daily. The app captures GPS location coordinates at the start and stop of each shift to comply with EVV requirements. The app can be used with either Android or iPhone.

CDWA’s secure web portal for notifications, time submission, and authorization management for IPs and Clients. IPs may view, edit, and submit hours worked as well as mileage. IPs can also view a list of their Clients, access their Client’s Care Plan, claim training and Paid Time Off (PTO) hours, as well as see training and credential expiration dates.

Clients can view all hours submitted by their IPs, view a list of their IPs, access spending reports, and allocate hours to their workers.

Yes! Test shifts are available to practice with using the DirectMyCare web portal or CareAttend app.

Follow these written instructions or watch this short video for more information.

Mileage is entered on the DirectMyCare web portal. Most people need to scroll down on the time entry screen to find the mileage entry screen. See the Adding Mileage Entries written guide or watch this short video for instructions.

PTO and training time are entered on the DirectMyCare web portal. See the Adding PTO and Training Time guide for more information. PTO does not count towards your Work Week Limit (WWL) or overtime.

You can only submit 24 hours in a day for any combination of time worked and PTO. You may need to split up the PTO hours you wish to claim over several days if you reach the 24-hour daily limit.

For example: You work 16 hours a day and want to claim 40 hours of PTO. You could submit 16 hours of service time per day and split the PTO request into 8-hour chunks over five days.

From the DirectMyCare web portal.

Step 1: Sign in to your DirectMyCare web portal account.

Step 2: Click your name in the upper right-hand corner.


Step 3: The PTO balance is in the Basic Information section.


Step 4: Click the PTO Details link next to the balance to see more information. This screen provides a little more information. Click the ledgers icon for accrual details.

Admin Auth Balance

Step 5: This screen provides accrual totals by date. Use the numbers on the bottom of the screen to navigate to other pages or expand the number of lines you can see at one time.

Auth Ledger

Yes. If cashing out is due to a resignation, you can claim your PTO before your resignation. If you have already resigned, you will need to contact CDWA.

The Client’s Case Manager should be contacted to let them know the Client will be out of state. IPs can still use the CareAttend app or DirectMyCare web portal to submit their time as they normally do. If you normally use the EVV landline IVR or fob option, you may need to use the app while you are traveling. Contact CDWA if this is not possible.

This guide goes over all the icons and what they mean.

No. To be exempt from EVV, IPs attest that they live at the same home address as their Client during the hiring process. CDWA determines if an IP is exempt from EVV by comparing an IP’s home address to their Client’s home address on file.

If the IP’s living arrangement has changed since they were hired and they no longer live with their Client, please contact CDWA.

Live-in Providers do not have to use EVV to clock in and out. Live-in Providers are required to submit total daily hours and tasks at least once a week. They can use the DirectMyCare web portal or CareAttend app. The DirectMyCare web portal works best from a computer or tablet.

Live-in Providers must enter hours and tasks on a weekly basis. Please refer to the payroll calendar to see when time is due. You can find the payroll calendar on the Payroll Materials page. CDWA is unable to pay you until we have a record of your tasks and hours. Submission of late time will result in delayed payment of wages.

IPs can clock in and out from any location where services begin and/or end. Care can start and/or end in the community or location other than the Client’s home.

You don’t. IPs only need to submit their shift on the CareAttend app. The shift is then sent to CDWA and will show up on the DirectMyCare web portal. The shift is saved on the portal for 24 hours to allow for any necessary corrections. After 24 hours the shift will automatically be submitted to CDWA for processing.

For Android: Watch this short video for instructions.

For iOS: Watch this short video for instructions.

Use this guide for written instructions.

Use this guide to turn on ‘using a fingerprint or your face’ to unlock.

Yes. The app and phone can be closed when the IP is not actively clocking in or out for their shift.

No. Please use the DirectMyCare web portal to submit mileage.

Yes. CareAttend is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and can be used with any tablet that has location services.

Yes. The CareAttend app works with local Wi-Fi/internet. You will need to connect to the internet to submit your time.

No. GPS must be turned on to capture the start and end location of your visit for compliance. The app does not collect GPS data between the start and the end of the services. GPS coordinates are not required for Live-in Providers.

The activities with the CareAttend app will stay on the device until you recharge your battery. Then you can log into the app and pick up where you left off. This also occurs if you lose signal. You may need to adjust your clock-out time before you submit the shift.

CareAttend takes less than 80 MB of space on your device. Facebook and Netflix take more than 4000 MB. An average user uses less than 100 MB of data a month which is about the same as watching a three to five-minute YouTube video.

CareAttend uses the phone or device’s GPS to verify location. GPS is a system of satellites orbiting the earth that allows for the user to pinpoint their geographic location through technology built into the mobile device.

If you are out of cell range, you can always connect to Wi-Fi to capture your shift. If there’s no Wi-Fi, continue using the CareAttend app. When you do have a connection, your history will go back and sync to the system.

CDWA also has an EVV Landline IVR or fob option. These do not require cellphone or Wi-Fi connectivity. You must register to use them. Download the form to sign electronically.

When you get a new phone, download the CareAttend app. You will use the same login and password to access the app. More information about downloading the app can be found on our Time and Mileage Entry Materials page.

The CareAttend app and IVR entries are captured precisely and then rounded to the nearest quarter hour. CDWA follows Department of Labor rounding rules to round to the nearest quarter hour. Time submitted from 1 to 7 minutes is rounded down. Time submitted from 8 to 14 minutes is rounded up.