Client Responsibility

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to our most frequently asked questions about Client Responsibility.

For definitions to common terms mentioned, please review our frequently asked questions glossary.

Some Clients pay for a portion of their Medicaid services. This monthly amount is called Client Responsibility. As part of our contract with DSHS, CDWA is required to collect from Clients who are required to pay Client Responsibility.

No, your IP will be paid in full for all hours submitted and approved. Client Responsibility amounts are no longer deducted from the IP’s pay.

Statements are processed on the 15th of each month.

Contact your Case Manager at DSHS to update your address. CDWA receives this information directly from DSHS.

Payment options include:

  • Online payment with a debit or credit card using the Client Responsibility payment portal – com/CDCNW/Enhanced.
  • Call 866-214-9899 and speak with the Collections Department to make an over-the-phone payment.
  • Mail a Check or Money Order to:
    Attn: Collections Department
    100 Consumer Direct Way
    Missoula MT 59808

CDWA does not accept cash payments.

Please do not send payments to program offices in Washington. Payments cannot be accepted at program offices.

No, CDWA does not set up payment plans. Client Responsibility is a monthly obligation you are required to contribute towards each month.

Yes, you can have your monthly Client Responsibility automatically charged to your credit or debit card each month. Call 866-214-9899 and speak with a Collections Coordinator.

DSHS provides CDWA with your Client Responsibility amount. CDWA does not determine the amount nor can CDWA change it. If you have questions about how the amount is calculated, contact your Financial Benefits Specialist at DSHS.

If payment is not received by the due dates listed on your statement, you will be mailed a 30-day past due/termination notice. You will have 30 days to make payment in full or CDE services will be suspended. CDWA will also notify your Individual Provider (IP) and Case Manager of the account status.

CDE services will end, and you will need to work with your Case Manager for continued care.

CDWA will apply any overpayment to the next month’s statement if you still have a monthly obligation. If you no longer have a monthly obligation and there is no outstanding balance due, we will refund the overpaid amount. CDWA will adjust your account on the next month’s statement once we are notified of any changes to your monthly Client Responsibility amount.

For additional information on Client Responsibility please review the Terms of Client Responsibility.