Customer Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to our most frequently asked questions about customer support.

For definitions to common terms, please review our terms and definitions page.

1 – IP Self-service Payroll IVR
Use at any time to find recent pay amounts, hours used, and hours remaining. Individual Providers (IP) will need their CDWA Person ID or ProviderOne ID and PIN. More information can be found in the Self-Service Payroll IVR guide.

2 – Service Coordinator
Used by Clients and IPs to get routed to the Client’s assigned Service Coordinator. You will need to enter your CDWA Person ID or ProviderOne ID. If your Service Coordinator is unavailable or helping someone else, you will be able to leave them a voicemail during business hours.

3 – IP Hiring Help
Use this if you are a new IP who needs help with hiring, you are someone trying to help an IP get hired, or you are interested in becoming an IP.

4 – Caregiver Benefits, Roles, or Training Requirements
These options will route you to the appropriate place with SEIU 775 or the SEIU 775 Benefits Group.

  1.  Training Benefits
  2.  Union (SEIU 775)
  3.  Health Benefits
  4.  Retirement Benefits

5 – Client Responsibility
Use this if you are a Client/Authorized Representative and have questions or need help with your Client Responsibility amount or payment.

6 – Report Harassment, Abuse, Discrimination, or Injury
Use this to report any instances of harassment, abuse, discrimination, or a workplace injury.

Yes. When using option 2, if you wait long enough you will get to a person. The fastest way to get to your assigned Service Coordinator is to enter in your CDWA Person ID. See the ‘Where do I find my person ID’ FAQ in this section for more information.

Step 1: Sign in to your DirectMyCare web portal account.

Step 2: Click your name in the upper right-hand corner to go to your profile.
Profile screenshot
Step 3: Find your 7-digit person ID number in the Basic Information section.

Basic Information

We are here to help! Use any of these resources if you get stuck or have questions.

CDWA has four office locations in Washington:

  • Everett
  • Federal Way
  • Lacey
  • Spokane

You can schedule an appointment or find a community on the Schedule an Appointment page.

Please note that there are no staff members from Payroll, IT, or Human Resources available at these office locations.

CDWA also employs Service Coordinators across the state to provide support to IPs via telephone, email, text, and virtual meetings, along with limited in-person support. CDWA utilizes shared or community office spaces throughout the state for IP hiring and other support activities as needed.

CDWA has several key resources and systems you may need to use. Expanded definitions for most of these items can be found in the Terms and Definitions section.

  • CDWA Website – Where you can get CDWA contact information, access the DirectMyCare web portal, the pay calendar, instructional materials, make appointments, access frequently asked questions, and other important information.
  • DirectMyCare Portal – Used by Clients and IPs for notifications, allocations, and time submission. Can be accessed from the CDWA website.
  • Workday – Used by IPs to complete hiring documents. Hired IPs will use it to manage contact information, update pay method, complete annual CDWA training, request PPE, and various other tasks. Can be accessed through the DirectMyCare web portal.
  • ADP – Used by IPs to print and save pay stubs and W-2s. Can be accessed through the DirectMyCare web portal.
  • CareAttend App – Used mainly by non live-in IPs. EVV compliant time submission method. Download from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

CDWA does not maintain a list of IPs available for work. CDWA can help Clients use, a free care matching service, to look for IPs or post an ad on their behalf. Clients will be responsible for interviewing interested IPs.

No. In a consumer-directed program, the Client, as the managing employer, is responsible for maintaining a caregiver backup plan for when a substitute IP is needed. CDWA works with both Clients and IPs to access and supports Clients looking for additional caregivers. Clients may also use a home care agency to find temporary caregiving services.

CDWA understands that not all people are comfortable with and/or have access to technology. We offer ways to submit time or get help that do not require a computer, internet, or smartphone. See the Submitting Time and Mileage FAQ section for available time submission methods. IPs and Clients can get help by calling 866-214-9899, scheduling an office appointment, or scheduling a community appointment. See the Schedule an Appointment page to sign up for an appointment or find a community event near you.

CDWA employs bilingual or multilingual Service Coordinators to support IPs and Clients. Currently, CDWA employs Service Coordinators who speak English, Arabic, Cantonese, Khmer, Korean, Lao, Mandarin, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Tagalog, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese. CDWA uses an external interpreter vendor if we do not have staff for a specific language. CDWA also translates key materials into the languages listed above. These are found on the CDWA website under the Language Support tab.