Work Week Limits (WWL) Questions

Below you’ll find answers to our most frequently asked questions specific to Work Week Limits (WWL).

For definitions to common terms mentioned, please review our frequently asked questions glossary.

CDWA will review, and may approve, temporary WWL requests. Requests must be within the Client’s authorized number of hours.

IPs will keep their grandfathered WWL. These are permanent WWLs that were assigned based on the number of hours the IP worked in January of 2016.

Your current WWL will remain the same after you transition to the CDE.

All IPs will keep their current WWL when they transition to CDWA. The standard WWL is 40 hours, unless an IP has a temporary or permanent WWL that exceeds 40 hours.

As long as IPs with permanent WWLs do not exceed their WWL limits and submit time weekly, they will be paid for all hours worked and claimed during any given month. CDWA will attribute hours worked to the proper month for tracking purposes.

Like today, monthly hours are determined by authorized hours in a Client’s service plan. Service plans will continue to be determined by DSHS and case management staff. CDWA will pay IPs for authorized hours worked. Work Week Limits will not change due to the transition to the CDE.

There is not a limit on the hours you can work in a day as long as the hours worked during the entire week (Sunday-Saturday) do not exceed your work week limits (WWL) Please note that CDWA’s systems will not allow a single shift to exceed more than 24 hours.

Once you are an employee of CDWA, you will make all work week limit (WWL) requests to CDWA. WWL requests cannot exceed the Client’s authorized hours. Changes in Client needs (which may result in higher Client authorized hours) should be reported to the Case Manager.

The standard work week limit (WWL) is 40 hours a week for most IPs. However, if you are unsure of your WWL, please contact your Client’s Case Manager. Once you transition to CDWA, you will be able to view your WWL from CDWA’s web portal, DirectMyCare.

In 2016, the rules regarding work week limits (WWL) were changed in Washington state. IPs who were working over 40 hours per week at the time were able to keep their WWL. After 2016, all new IPs started with a default WWL of 40 hours. IPs may qualify for temporary WWL increases depending on Client need and authorized service hours. Temporary WWL increases must be approved by CDWA.