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This is a reminder that all Individual Providers (IP) have a Work Week Limit (WWL). A WWL is the total number of service hours an IP may work in a work week. The work week is Sunday through Saturday. This amount did not change with the transition to Consumer Direct Care Network Washington (CDWA).

You must stay within your established WWL no matter how many Clients you provide care to. You must also stay within the number of hours allocated to you by your Client(s) or Managing Employer. Allocated hours may be less than your WWL.

Failure to adhere to your WWL may result in retraining, disciplinary action, or termination.

Where to View Your WWL

You can find your WWL in the DirectMyCare web portal.

From your dashboard, click the Time/Mileage Entry button. Your WWL amount is listed under the Calendar icon on the right-hand side of the screen.

For more information, visit ConsumerDirectWA.com/WWL-Information.

If you believe you need to work beyond your WWL, please contact CDWA. We will review your inquiry and make a decision about a temporary WWL increase.