Consumer Direct Care Network Washington

Consumer Direct Care Network Washington (CDWA) is Washington’s Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) Consumer Directed Employer (CDE). As part of the Consumer Direct Care Network in 14 states across the US, CDWA draws on more than 30 years’ experience supporting innovative home care for individuals, families, and caregivers.

As the CDE, CDWA will employ the approximately 47,000 dedicated caregivers who provide in-home personal care and respite services. CDWA is working closely with DSHS, the Aging and Long-Term Support Administration, the Developmental Disabilities Administration, and the Area Agencies on Aging, and will begin providing services to a pilot group of approximately 250 Individual Providers (IP) from Lewis, Mason, and Thurston counties. Over the course of two phases, current IPs will be hired by CDWA by early 2022.

IPs and Clients who receive in-home personal care and respite services will be contacted by DSHS and CDWA with plenty of time to prepare for the transition to the CDE. CDWA will hire local support staff across Washington to ensure that Clients and IPs receive excellent customer service. CDWA is part of the Home Care Workers Purpose Trust. The trust promotes good working conditions, economic security for workers, and worker voice and influence in the home care industry. CDWA will strive to make Washington’s CDE program a national leader in offering quality jobs and providing quality care.

For more information about the CDE program, and to register for CDWA webinars, please visit our Resources page.

SEIU 775

For the CDE program in the state of Washington, Individual Providers are represented by SEIU 775. More information on SEIU 775 and union benefits are available at the following links: