Live-in Provider Questions

Below you’ll find answers to our most frequently asked questions specific to Live-in Providers.

For definitions to common terms mentioned, please review our frequently asked questions glossary.

Live-in providers do not have to use EVV to clock in and out. Live-in providers are required to submit hours and tasks at least once a week. They report a summary of weekly hours by day. They also report a summary of tasks. They submit their weekly time through the DirectMyCare web portal. If the IP does not have Internet access, alternatives for time submission will be considered.

Live-in providers report the total number of hours each day and the tasks they perform on a weekly basis through the DirectMyCare web portal. They do not need to document specific hours/times worked through the EVV app.

Live-in status is determined by whether or not you live at the same mailing address as your Client. You attest to your live-in status as part of the hiring process.

Live-in providers must enter hours and tasks into CDWA’s DirectMyCare web portal on a weekly basis. We are unable to pay you for your work until we have record of your tasks and hours. Submission of late time will result in delayed payment of wages.